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Kurt Gramlich (born 1952) studied Sociology at the University of Freiburg and Bielefeld.

After his graduation he studied management of energy and ecology at the University of Technology in Berlin.

In 1983 he became a teacher at the VHS Ravensberg (adult education program) near Bielefeld where he is now the coordinator of courses about all fields of computer technology and ecological sciences.

In 1997 he founded the Linux User Group Ravensberg. In 2002 he joined Skolelinux, bringing many ideas of other school servers into the project. He attended the Debian conference in Oslo 2003 and has held several talks about Skolelinux since then. In 2003 he founded a test center for Skolelinux in Guetersloh.

Kurt's goals with Skolelinux are to create a highly scalable school server based on Free Software for educational purposes and available in all languages.

In his spare time Kurt enjoys surfing with snowboards, playing the alto sax, being on vacation with his four children and having a lot of fun with good Free Software.

If you like to send me an encrypted email, here is my public key:

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