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This page documents, by what means we can mock up the KDE desktop in order to meet pupils' needs. These are the questions to be asked:

1. Create themes based on existing modules

2. Create your own KDE theme components

3. Further features of desktop appearance

KSplash (Splash screen after login)

In /usr/share/apps/ksplash/Themes/ there are some examples that can easily be adapted to your own needs:

Preview.png                - Preview for design manager
splash_top.png             - upper area of the splash screen (orig.: 400x248)
splash_inactive_bar.png    - bar containing symbols that are enabled step by step 
splash_active_bar.png      - bar with enabled (highlighted) symbols (orig.: 400x60)
splash_bottom.png          - footing bar underneath splash bar (orig. 400x18)
Theme.rc                   - config file (adaptable)

This splash demo for KSplash also includes a GIMP template that helps you creating your own theme. Please, also regard the attached manual.

Approx. 2000 examples can be found at Those are tarball archives that can be installed without root access from the design manager.

Further informations are to be found in the KSplash Handbook.


This KDE-Splashscreen with Skolelinux logo and rainbow tuxes are to be found in KDE-Splash at

One of three differently coloured splash screens by KWire

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