Before starting to write all this usual stuff about myself, i thought to add some thoughts about the future of Computers and my personal vision of what i would like to happen.

Just working on organizing HoaP 3.0, made me think about the sense in flying people across the Atlantic for just a couple of days on European ground... mostly spent in front of screens and returning with a lack of sleep and a lot of money spend. And believe it or not, i think that there must be a better way to cooperate and share the (fun) aspects of computing... also a more ecological way.

Assuming that most geeks are male and single (even though a lot of fabulous women have joined the community...) their motivation to preserve the planet could maybe considered lower than those frantic parents (like mine) who join every demonstration against nuclear power plants and also every one for preserving the regional ecosystem.

Some people used to say that history was made by men, today something to negotiate about, but the truth behind it is that even today men and women aren't equal... no i won't start a discussion about feminism... but what if you guys would use your advantage to change the world for a better place ???

Skolelinux is great, for me mainly because i happened to see a whole attic full of old computers, which gave me a tiny idea of the problem of recycling those chemical bombs... and i saw them again, in schools, refurbished for kids to learn letters and maths on them. This has shown me that "yes we can" :) make a difference!

So what if we instead of investing into new stuff, invest in preserving what we already have? Or did the commercials convince you already so that you think you really need more than what you already have???

I would love to see geeks involved in ecological projects, it's okay to spend your life here in the virtual world, but it would be also nice to have in case of your laptops breakdown, not smog but fresh air and some funny squirrels playing outside your window...or does this sound too much like utopia?


Hi Johanna, thank you for introducing yourself. I enjoyed reading it, and am looking forward for Chapter One :)

Just one question: WTH is HoaP 3.0? Wikipedia refers to robots, but Google also finds

The latter seems to be the one ;) If you like, just put a link to the corresponding page.

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Chapter One

Somewhere in the World are Universities which should be but still aren't enough acknowledged in their reputation. There is this place outside a huge metropolitan City, everything just looks like a neat industrial zone if there weren't those buildings made out of red sand stone with outside basketball and soccer fields. You are welcome at the University i would like to introduce you to, today. This place could be tomorrows bielefeld, since a conspiracy seems to lie deep beneath the foundations of this place.

The Web page announces one of the best places for your studies with everything a student could possibly ask for. Email yet tend to come back, recipient unknown.

Nearly no room aside from the restrooms has a sign. The instructors have no office hours and nobody seems to be really busy in this place, where people walk in free time shoes slower than a possible perception of movement, along the empty hallways. If you still have the eagerness to join this institution prepare yourself in advance, since this place is not Europe. "Europe, the everlasting place for people who get everything easily in life, an assembly of countries which life together in a Commune like lifestyle, where rules and regulations yet long have been forgotten or never even came to life" If you are there, well people will tell you that this is not Europe. No? -NO!

(to be continued after calm down)

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