Debian-Edu/Skolelinux - KDE in the tough school environment


KDE aKademy 2006 at Trinity College in Dublin, Irleand


Sunday, September 24th




Debian-Edu/ Skolelinux is the international Debian distribution for schools. With only 4 questions it installs a whole school sever with a bunch of services like Linux and Samba file-server, webserver, mail server, LDAP server, DNS server, LTSP, ... It can handle Linux thin- and fat-clients out of the box.

The main work of the Debian-Edu/ Skolelinux developers is done concentrated on the technical side of the project. Auto-partitioning, network discovery and auto-connection of workstations and thin-clients to central file shares and the user database is the backbone of this ease of use.

With the growth of the project in 2005 and 2006 new members, new communities and new countries came together deploying Debian-Edu/ Skolelinux to their locals schools and their local culture. The KDE is their pre-configured desktop, the local teams are very proud to present a desktop in their native language.

As a high contrast to delightful technical solutions in the background, the default installed KDE of Debian-Edu/ Skolelinux 2.0 looks rather boring. This philosophy from Norway seems to be, that every school should easily configure its own idea of desired desktop. The problem of this concept is the lack of local know how, because KDE by it self is getting complex to configure.

One of the solutions came from the French team, who pre-configured the KDE desktop for their schools. The result was not only one desktop, it was three desktops for different educational levels. Two of them are realized with KDE and a pre-configured Kiosk tool.

The speech will show the new shift of Debian-Edu/ Skolelinux towards the desktop and the importance of being able to pre-configure such a desktop. With examples from France and (if available) from Germany the different solutions for educational level desktops will be shown. An other topic will try to demonstrate the desktop requirements to konquer the everyday school. The last point will present the KDE maintenance on the Debian-Edu/ Skolelinux server side.



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