This is the text to the talk from KurtGramlich given in 2004 at the university of Athens

1 title

hello everybody

thank you for the invitation and the opportunity to talk about Skolelinux, and about free software at schools

there is no need to take notes because you will find this lecture at

i am going to talk about Free Software at schools and i going to show you, that Skolelinux provides an excellent base for school servers

Skole is Norwegian and means school so Skolelinux means Linux for schools

The project has been started in Norway.

And later it has been adopted into the German language too.

2 Overview

here are the main points of my lecture

I am going to talk about our reasons to start a new project and what we think what schools need

I will tell you, what Skolelinux contains and why we have chosen Debian

Then i will talk about our futureplans

3 Why did we start a new project

When we started in Germany, there were different schoolservers based on Linux

Most of them were difficult to upgrade.

As a result more and more weaknessess were discovered.

In 2002 every school in Germany got a broadband internet connection (DSL) free of charge.

Because the schools do not have to pay for this, their servers are online day and night and consequently there are a lot of intrusions.

Most of them are still not protected by a firewall.

So we started this new projet for security reasons.

4 What do schools need?

What schools need is a sustainable solution.

Sustainable means a system, which has a future.

A system which cannot be updated easily is not sustainable.

A system which needs a lot of time to be maintained is not sustainable.

A system which uses proprietary software is not sustainable.


The world has been divided into those who produce software and those who buy it.

And also into those who know how to create an application and how it works and those who don't;

A huge gap between the two sides is the consequence.

5 What is Skolelinux?

Skolelinux was created to reduce this dependency.

Skolelinux uses Free Software.

It is easy to install, in other words a teacher without many linux knowledge will be able to install Skolelinux.

The complete distribution fits onto a single CD and is usable out-of-the-box.

During the installation process you can choose among different profiles, you can get a main server or a terminal server or a workstation.

It is possible to install the mainserver and the terminalserver on one machine.

To test Skolelinux you install for example a mainserver and a terminalserver onto one machine, and a workstation onto another machine and connect a thin client.

Does everybody knows what the term mainserver means?

Mainserver Services

Workstation Services

Terminalserver Services

Skolelinux is highly scalable, you can use it for example at one classroom in a primary school or with more than 400 computers at a university.

6 Skolelinux-network-image

The image shows the architecture or the network topology of the Skolelinux network.

You see left on top a router providing the internet connection.

The router has to have the ip the main server is placed in the top center and has the ip

All other machines get their ip from the mainserver, which runs dynamic host configuration programm (DHCP).

The workstations and the terminal-servers are connected to the mainserver.

The terminalserver has two network interfaces, one to connect to the mainserver and one to connect to the thin clients.

The thin clients get there ip from the terminalserver.

As thin clients you can apply second hand computers like pentium one. so you are able to use old machines with new software.

7 Why Debian?

We have chosen Debian because we do not want to be dependent on commercial interests.the debian distribution is famous for its stability and its fast security fixes.

Debian has more then 1000 officially elected developers and is the biggest linux distribution with more than 12000 software packages.

It is popular for its broad support and smooth upgrades.

8 What are our goals? (1)

We want to create a worldwide awareness for Free Software by working together, cooperating, helping each other and sharing knowledge.

Another goal is to provide Free Software in mostly all native languages.

9 What are our goals? (2)

Of course money is an important aspect.

Expences for software should be reduced as much as possible.

I asume most of you have heard about examples from other contries where linux is preferred because of financial reasons.

10 Where to get support?

If you are going to use Skolelinux, you will find support at the website

There is a mailinglist in English at debian-edu at debian dot org and of course in German too.

You will find support at the internet relay chat in the channel debian-edu on irc dot debian dot org

I hope, after my lecture there will be a mailing list in your language to

11 Skolelinux futures plans

We are trying to included all skolelinux specific software packages into the next Debian release (sarge).

And we will help other countries to adopt Skolelinux/DebianEdu

12 An international schoolserver!

I very much hope that you are going to use skolelinux in your country too.

Thank you for your attention and your patience!

Please feel free to ask now!

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