Pictures and Films

We had a great documentation team this time. Christian Maxen from Berlin digs himself into the sneaky little details of handling a camera and starts instantly filming. Others like Patrick Willam supported him. Patrick will overtake the post production part. Kurt Gramlich made this wonderful photos:

We are all looking forward to see the results of the Films.


Henning who got a general insight in Skolelinux helped Robert to setup and fine tuning the FAI setup. The FAI server was installed sucessfully this weekend. We all together made also a small road map towards a first draft implementation.

Henning also would like to start working to provide a Perl API to FAI.

Skolelinux and CipUX Testing

Thomas, Harald Meyer, Hans-Georg Terlecki made installations and testing on different machines. Thomas did a successful setup with RAID. Harald Meyer tests the last CipUX Version on Debian Edu. He found some missing setup entries in Debian Edu. He documented that on

Migration and Update

Georg Damm start working on the migration scripts for CipUX 3.2.10 to 3.4.0. We had some short but very nice talks about LDAP attributes.


The Skolelinux DE t-shirt approach got into a new stage: Joerg - who had new insights in Skolelinux and CipUX this weekend - will look after a the t-shirt manufacturing process.

Joerg would like to announce information about t-shirt production in the near future.

CipUX Documentation

There are 3 documentation projects around CipUX. (1) CatWalk which is stalled for some time, (2) CipUX technical documentation. Christian Kuelker work on that and Patrick Willam announced to help in correct some English chapters. (3) The CAT Module Writing HOWTO is the most advanced documentation due to Radis contribution. Radi correced the English version. Thanks!


Thank you also Harald Poppek and others for general support. Without your silent help this event would not have been possible so smoothly.


And last but not least: Jonas and Christian Kuelker had a lot of very fruitful discussions about design decisions concerning the CipUX Packages and CipUX concepts. This solved some questions and show a road to follow for developing CipUX further. Jonas made some commits which switch packaging to CDBS.

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