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All questions about Squeak have interest for me firstly, but I like to know more about DebianEdu also. I'm teacher at Secondary Schools (10-16 years' children) and I have used computers there, only like a tool; it is not obvious in fact. I work inside the public administration at Extremadura, this part of Spain that installed a Debian distribution (gnuLinEx) in all the Secondary school classrooms, 80.000 pcs, 1 for 2 users (we will duplicate next year!).

I've designed and developed all about the swiki and now I'm maintaining and increasing it. This is an educational site mainly, because we need to reduce the distance between Squeak an our teachers.

Very recently we'll publish a new Squeak version for our schools (the most of my work's hours), it is an OLPC one basically that include functionalities demanded by our teachers, etc. I'm not a programmer... but I did it. I've taught Squeak to consultors, another teachers, at the classroom and on line...

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